Sunday, October 5, 2008

A sort of walking miracle

A sort of walking miracle

She wore peace on her shirt

rainbows in her skirt

she danced on cloud nine shoes

when the clouds stormed about

she would laugh it out

'cause she says there is nothing to loose

nothing was her aim today

she just smiled myway

and I fell into the deepest blues

I lost my direction

triped over my deception

and landed in a different views

I only have her memory

I only have her heart

she just seemed to give it over

and thats when it all fell apart

the pieces scattered in the breeze

the peace she is all over me

she wont know what she did

by finding me deep where I hid

it was over from the start

she flies from one to one

loving all the undone

someone tell the news

what is she doing today

is nothing again her play

how can I catch her grooves

all I have is her gift

remembering my eternal shift

and loving how it sparks my muse

dancing prancing hearts I wonder

she was some kind of miracle walker

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