Sunday, October 5, 2008

Divine Spirit

You do not need to see me - I am here
You do not need to fear me - I forgive
You do not need to know me, or thank me when you win

Yell and scream and hate me
Till you know that you are safe
Curse and kick and fight me
Till you know your own mistakes

When the fog of habit lifts
When you face your self
When all is lost and in despair
Alone you cry for help

I will fill you with love and light
Till you can't turn away
Send you teachers and insight
Till you finally say...

I do not need to see you - I feel you in my heart
I do not need to fear you - I am responsible for my part
I know you are Love and Light, without and within
I know what you do for me even when I do not win

Azyh 25/7/02

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