Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grumpies got Glad

thump thump thump

went the grumpy feet

stamping on the baby dolls toy city streets

Wha wha wha!

Shouted grumpy cheeks

i'm grumpy grumpy grumpy

and I wont go to sleep!!

baby dolls where crying

because of all the mess

why did that grumpy have to be such a grumpy pest?

Teddy said hello grumpy grumps

what are you doing my dear?

I think you need a big bear hug now come over here

Hug hug hug

teddy gave the huggiest hug he had

and with this loving huggy hug that grumpy grump got glad

build build build

baby dolls toy city was no longer a heap

and finally that glad grumpy got some needed sleep!

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