Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bees have been here

pollen dust
scattered on my petals
making the white speckled

perfect symmetry has been disturbed
and wind ruffles
and tuffles me

bees have been here

something deep within me stirs as
I know I am fading from the light
retreating into the canvas
of gods creation

it grows silently
new seeds of me
waiting to emerge
and dance in the breeze

bees have been here

and I am so grateful
for the visit

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Princess Duckie

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
had long rainbow hair

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
pick dresses she did wear

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
had pink loveheart shoes

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
had the breakfast blues

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
ate fruit n nuts to try it

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
missed her fishie diet

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
made a special wish

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
would catch a yummy fish

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
tied up her rainbow hair

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
got fishing clothes to wear

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
with a rod n net

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
went into the muck n wet

Princess Duckie,
wet n muckie
at the fishing pond

Princess Duckie,
wet n muckie
practiced all day long

Princess Duckie,
wet n muckie
caught a fish at last

Princess Duckie,
wet n muckie
had a bubble bath

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
wore her favorite gown

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
with her sparkly crown

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
ate her fishie food

Princess Duckie,
soft n fluffy
was in a happy mood

xx azyh & youngest 02/02/09

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To love the Dragon

“To love the Dragon is a greater strength then to slay the Dragon”

i look upon the Dragons in my life
and the battle, the fight to slay them

i put my sword down
my sword arm jelly from its weight
my body slanted with the bias of holding it

i struggle to stand without the sword
to find balance with the simple gravity of who i am
without the metal of my judgment

it lays at my feet in a pool of my own blood
bleeding from my eyes
that where blind

as the waters begin to move through me
they wash away the angry red
and calm my features with peace

the dragons all stand before me
as they have always
waiting for my attack
because i was the one that always swung first

my fear of being without defense was an illusion
they make no move to strike me down
and as my vision clears
i see them a new

they where of my flesh all this time
i thought them separate of me
i thought them beastly

and yet the evidence is clear
without the veil of fear,
i see they where only reaching out to love me

how could i have been so mistaken?
my shame washes the blood from my feet
yet they will not allow me to look at them with guilt

instead they hold up a mirror
so i see myself for the first time
i see my wings and my scales

i lift into the air, allowing the pull of gravity to center my courage
i fly towards a freedom i never knew was open to me

xx azyh

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angel Home

Angel Home

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

It's a simple thing
standing in the wind
waiting for the god light
spreading out your wings

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

Know we never part
Dancing with your heart
waiting for your hallo touches
flying from the start

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

Grace will find a way
through the dark of day
connecting to your feather kisses
and tears that do not stay

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

I am here with you
like I always do
silently I'm waiting for
our light to shine you through

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Life

I kept on telling myself I had changed and changed and changed again, and you know when I look back I never changed at all. I simply wore different clothing until one day I wore nothing at all. It wasn't the nightmare you would think it to be, walking nakid and free. It was simply who I am and I love every scar flappy or firm and every line how it flows like the print of me. I wear me as I am and I am glad for it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

park bench chair

She sat upon the park bench chair
as if someone else was there
Her eyes where closed in this pose
her expression conversational

She faced the fullness of the sun
all the shade about her gone
Her hands where clasped in her lap
her presence just sensational

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A sort of walking miracle

A sort of walking miracle

She wore peace on her shirt

rainbows in her skirt

she danced on cloud nine shoes

when the clouds stormed about

she would laugh it out

'cause she says there is nothing to loose

nothing was her aim today

she just smiled myway

and I fell into the deepest blues

I lost my direction

triped over my deception

and landed in a different views

I only have her memory

I only have her heart

she just seemed to give it over

and thats when it all fell apart

the pieces scattered in the breeze

the peace she is all over me

she wont know what she did

by finding me deep where I hid

it was over from the start

she flies from one to one

loving all the undone

someone tell the news

what is she doing today

is nothing again her play

how can I catch her grooves

all I have is her gift

remembering my eternal shift

and loving how it sparks my muse

dancing prancing hearts I wonder

she was some kind of miracle walker