Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angel Home

Angel Home

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

It's a simple thing
standing in the wind
waiting for the god light
spreading out your wings

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

Know we never part
Dancing with your heart
waiting for your hallo touches
flying from the start

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

Grace will find a way
through the dark of day
connecting to your feather kisses
and tears that do not stay

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

I am here with you
like I always do
silently I'm waiting for
our light to shine you through

Hollayluya Hollayluyar
Hollayluya Hollayluyar

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Life

I kept on telling myself I had changed and changed and changed again, and you know when I look back I never changed at all. I simply wore different clothing until one day I wore nothing at all. It wasn't the nightmare you would think it to be, walking nakid and free. It was simply who I am and I love every scar flappy or firm and every line how it flows like the print of me. I wear me as I am and I am glad for it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

park bench chair

She sat upon the park bench chair
as if someone else was there
Her eyes where closed in this pose
her expression conversational

She faced the fullness of the sun
all the shade about her gone
Her hands where clasped in her lap
her presence just sensational

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A sort of walking miracle

A sort of walking miracle

She wore peace on her shirt

rainbows in her skirt

she danced on cloud nine shoes

when the clouds stormed about

she would laugh it out

'cause she says there is nothing to loose

nothing was her aim today

she just smiled myway

and I fell into the deepest blues

I lost my direction

triped over my deception

and landed in a different views

I only have her memory

I only have her heart

she just seemed to give it over

and thats when it all fell apart

the pieces scattered in the breeze

the peace she is all over me

she wont know what she did

by finding me deep where I hid

it was over from the start

she flies from one to one

loving all the undone

someone tell the news

what is she doing today

is nothing again her play

how can I catch her grooves

all I have is her gift

remembering my eternal shift

and loving how it sparks my muse

dancing prancing hearts I wonder

she was some kind of miracle walker

I See You

I see You
the Divine in You

I see the many parts, flowing, showing
My truth is Knowing

and I know that Divine Part of You

Weaving Rhythm

Over under inder ouder
Hover whender winder moder
Fromder someder ofder lofder
Seader freeder ofder farder
Reachder hearder lofder oneder
Over inder ouder under

Come Home to ME

I reached for you with my hands but the pillow was bare
So I just remembered you there
I reached for you with my thoughts and held you tight
Been missing you tonight
no it don’t feel right when you’re away

Got it in my head we were meant to be
It was all complete
Even bittersweet
My happy ever after life
To be the one that you call wife…

My desire for you lingers, even with you under my fingers
Now memories of your caresses tease my skin
And I’m left with this cold bed tonight
no it don’t feel right when you’re away

I love the way I fit close to you
Overflowing in my love for you
wash my troubles tumble through the floor
let me swim in your skin some more

save me from these drowning dreams
come home to me, come hoooooooome to me!

~ 13/09/2005

The Plea

Let me stay
Feeling light rain on my face
Let me stay
Breathing in the chill breeze
Just for a moment
Let me stay

Let me go
Feeling lifted running free
Let me go
Breathing in the sweet air
Just for a moment
Let me go

Let me be
Felling total exhaustion on the floor
Let me be
Breathing in the heated sweat
Just for a moment
Let me be

April 1990

Element of Love

You are the air
I breathe you in
I breathe you in

You are the water
On my skin
On my skin

You are the fire
Burn my soul
Burning my soul

You are the earth
Hold me tight
Holding me tonight


Grumpies got Glad

thump thump thump

went the grumpy feet

stamping on the baby dolls toy city streets

Wha wha wha!

Shouted grumpy cheeks

i'm grumpy grumpy grumpy

and I wont go to sleep!!

baby dolls where crying

because of all the mess

why did that grumpy have to be such a grumpy pest?

Teddy said hello grumpy grumps

what are you doing my dear?

I think you need a big bear hug now come over here

Hug hug hug

teddy gave the huggiest hug he had

and with this loving huggy hug that grumpy grump got glad

build build build

baby dolls toy city was no longer a heap

and finally that glad grumpy got some needed sleep!

Kissing Keys

Kissing Keys

The blank page faces me

and keys kiss fingers easily

something creeps across my toes

it sends my heart up to my nose

the page is filling up with lines

I practice at this exercise

my eyes betray

my fingers stop

my fridge besides me goes pop

I have edited

I have sinned

I have used spell check agined

oops I just broke another rule

made up a word to look the fool

sounds scrurry across the floor

I only have a few lines more

its wasn't so bad after all

got up special to have this fall

xx azyh

Only You

Only You

Your gift wrapped presence
Ever now with me
So pretty in bows and purpose
But really you are under inside
Into each moment
And I want to see

I want to know that single you

Not parts of you
Or the art of you
Not shining through
But that wholly one and only you

Paper thin, water tight
Unpick the tape
Let in the height, of you
Reconnect to all of you
That wholly one and only you

So pretty in bows and purpose
But only part of you is shining through
dive into us
and know that wholly one and only you

Divine Spirit

You do not need to see me - I am here
You do not need to fear me - I forgive
You do not need to know me, or thank me when you win

Yell and scream and hate me
Till you know that you are safe
Curse and kick and fight me
Till you know your own mistakes

When the fog of habit lifts
When you face your self
When all is lost and in despair
Alone you cry for help

I will fill you with love and light
Till you can't turn away
Send you teachers and insight
Till you finally say...

I do not need to see you - I feel you in my heart
I do not need to fear you - I am responsible for my part
I know you are Love and Light, without and within
I know what you do for me even when I do not win

Azyh 25/7/02